Who Are We?

Delta RP strives in our expertise, maturity, respect and overall professionalism. Join a place where you can have fun and earn ranks, titles and accomplishments THAT YOU CAN be proud of. The goal  is to bring  you A FUN AND professional experience. This community brings everyone together who shares a common goal or passion in life. We want everyone to enjoy the experience and at the end of the day be able to have more self pride for accomplishing something greater than yourself. Each member deserves the same amount of respect as everyone else.  


■ The latest version of EUP+ our own custom peds. ■ Over 300 Civilian Vehicles including add on vehicles for our Donors and Nitro Boosters ■ 150+ add-on vehicles for law enforcement, fire, EMS, and other government services. All lore friendly. ■ Various custom stations, such as an LSSD station in West Vinewood, an SAHP station in Harmony, and an extended Mission Row interior along with Pillbox Hill Hospital. ■ LSPD, LSIAP, LSPP, DPPD, RHPD, LSSD, BCSO, and SAHP just to name a few. ■ An extremely realistic fire department setup – we have LSCoFD, BCFD, and SanFire. ■ Realistic RP ■ Very high framerates, along with next to no texture loss, thanks to advanced optimization and lore friendly vehicles. ■ Various sub departments such as  K-9, Motorcycle, Bicycle and more. ■ Lifeguard, arson investigation, firefighting aircraft, and more, for fire department. ■ Security companies, with vehicles and uniforms: Gruppe Security Services ■ Massive development/creator team, working with us to improve the server. ■ Friendly Staff and Community ■ 16+ Server ■ VMenu and so much more.

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